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            ABOUT US 關于我們





             “We can do the BEST”,筆特人相信“我們可以做到完美”,并腳踏實地的積極為之努力,把好的設計,好的施工,好的售后呈現給各界新老客戶。



            Tianjin Best Model Design Co., Ltd., as a top-class specialized model company in China, consists of International Real Estate Division and Exhibition Hall Industry Division. With specialized work division, it insists the orientation with the strategy of developing high-end brand all along. Upholding the business philosophy of “details determining quality and good faith creating brand”, Best has creatively accomplished more than ten thousand works in succession, winning the title of National AAA Enterprise for Emphasizing Quality and Abiding by Credit.

            For years the company has been devoted to the improvement of core competitiveness by continuously perfecting the talent strategy and introducing advanced equipment. It has internationally advanced equipment such as laser computer engraving system, numerical-controlled lathe, three-dimensional printer and three-dimensional topography engraving machine. In addition, it has introduced new materials to enable Best to have great advantages in talents and technology.

            Through long-time hardships and development, the company has been strengthened into the size of a group company. the specialized team of hundreds of members and various kinds of specialized equipment. Having developed the specialized operation mode integrating model fabrication, exhibition hall design and construction, it has been a domestically and even internationally industrial marking pole enterprise. The Best people believe that “we can do the best” and they make efforts down to earth in providing the new and old customers of various fields with

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